BAZAAR WEEKLY is the number 1 local classified ads magazine for cars, pets, electronics, real estate, jobs and more.


 The Original Bazaar Weekly, was published in 1990 ,  free classified and advertising magazine among Iranians residing in South California

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Shahbod Noori  started his publishing company in 1990 with The Original Bazaar Weekly, on of the first free classified and advertising paper among Iranians residing in Southern California. Besides being a publisher, Shahbod Noori has always shown great concern for social issues within the Iranian-American community.
Both as a journalist and publisher, Shahbod Noori not only tries to be a true voice of Iranians in Southern California and around the globe, but also helps many in the community at times of despair and hardship. His passion for social justice and helping the most vulnerable women and children in society led him to found The Persian Relief Center.
For all his contributions for the betterment of society, in particular the Persian community, Shahbod Noori has received awards from the City of Los Angeles, and a Citizen award from the Los Angeles Police Department. Even the Persian community of which he is such a vital player has recognized his work and contribution by awarding him the Persian Media Award. Shahbod Noori is a recipient of the Charity Award and is Member of Who’s Who.

Shahbod Noori travels all over the word and had visited many countries. Shahbod Noori has wide ranging interests, hobbies and activities. He is an accomplished photographer. Shahbod Noori is a professional Persian chef. Shahbod Noori is a licensed security guard. Shahbod Noori is also a licensed massage therapist: he has healing hands in meditation and pain management. Shahbod Noori is an Entertainment Sponsor and coach of many Persian models, actors and singers. Shahbod Noori loves to watch movies, viewing one movie per night before he goes to sleep.
Shahbod Noori is known as the Iron man, sometime working more than 12 hours a day. He is like a respected godfather of the Persian community because those who are in trouble or need assistance know they can go to him for advice and help. For more information visit Tehran Magazine at