Tehran Weekly Magazine is the leading Persian-Language weekly magazine in the United States and around the world.

Tehran Weekly Magazine is the leading Persian-Language weekly magazine in the United States and around the world.

Mr. Shahbod Noori is the Executive Director of our publishing company. In 1989 he published the first twenty-four page Original Bazaar Weekly.

The Original Bazaar Weekly was the first free classified and a display advertising paper, published for the Iranian community in southern California.

After eight years, The Original Bazaar Weekly was the most popular free classified advertising paper among Iranians residing in southern California. However, this great success was just the beginning.

In 1996, Mr. Shahbod Noori published Tehran International Weekly Magazine, which covers world news, entertainment, art, sports, cultural & social events, politics, etc., by utilizing the talents of the most famous writers from within the Iranian community.

In 2000, Shahbod Noori, for the first time in the Iranian community, released 100 pages of Tehran Weekly Magazine online at www.tehranmagazine.com. The on-line version of the magazine is free for people to read or print in PDF format, and is updated weekly on Tuesdays.

In 2023, after 27 years, Tehran International Weekly Magazine , with the circulation exceeds 50,000, has become one of the most popular and powerful Iranian magazines in the United States and around the world. Although it mainly focuses on California, the magazine covers the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East, as well.

We at Tehran Weekly Magazine are offering a great advertising Opportunity for your compony

There are currently more than 1 million, Armenian Iranian, Jewish Iranian, Armenian Iranian, Afghan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and (other whom speak Farsi) people living in California, and 2 million more in other states of the US. Needless to say, this community is a huge market with lots of potential. Tehran is an independent weekly magazine in Farsi, published and distributed primarily in California , but also in other States. With its 27 year history of regular publication and its diverse contents for various age groups, Tehran is honored to be the Farsi-language magazine of choice among Iranian- Americans. It has a significant number of readers per issue, and every week a subscription copy’s is sent to more than 800, Super Markets, Pharmacy, clinics, law offices, hair salons  doctor offices, Adult Health Day Care center and subscribers  throughout the United States.

The magazine also goes on-line at www.tehranmagazine.com the on-line version of the magazine is FREE and updated weekly. We believe that you can take advantage of this powerful media to promote your company name, services and products among the large local, national and international Iranian community in a cost-effective way. We are currently offering special deals for placing your advertisement in Tehran Weekly Magazine. Tehran contains almost 84 pages and its published using single (or 4) colors news print, except for the four front and back glossy 4 color covers and corresponding inner pages.